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It's time to embrace your body, and we are thrilled to be a part of your lingerie journey.

Here at Sensual Sinsations, we aim to encourage you, the modern woman, to celebrate your body and embrace your sexuality. We believe lingerie is the perfect way to highlight your feminine sensuality and accentuate your natural beauty.


Our "Be Free, Be You" movement is about celebrating women. We give you that little reminder, push to fall in love with yourself, and treat your body with the freedom and kindness it deserves. We want you to be the reason you choose to wear lingerie.


Every woman is at a different point in her self-love journey, but we are here cheering you forward no matter where you are on yours. All women deserve to be free from societal standards to truly love and enjoy who they are and find strength in what makes them different.  You are deserving, so join us and "Be Free, Be You."


Paris Munn

Owner & Founder

Paris Munn Owner & Founder of Sensual Sinsations
Paris Munn Owner & Founder of Sensual Sinsations

About The Owner


Sensual Sinsations began as a small home-based company in early 2016 on the beautiful island of Guam. The owner, Paris Munn, noticed a demand for a more comprehensive selection of lingerie at a fairer price while living on the island with her active-duty submariner husband. Paris handled in-person sales only for the first year, as a website was not needed while living on such a small island. Eventually, she and her husband relocated stateside due to new orders from the military. Sensual Sinsations temporarily closed while she focused on growing her family and formulating a plan to expand her company to cater to the stateside market.


On June 1st, 2018, Paris officially launched the Sensual Sinsations website and began navigating the waters of a social media presence. As she began sharing her journey and mission for Sensual Sinsations, women started reaching out to share how inspired they had been. Some have felt inspired by her passion and drive to start a business as a stay-at-home parent. Others identify with her push for a more inclusive beauty standard and environment for women's fashion. It has served as a source of inspiration, creating a passion within Paris for encouraging women to embrace their bodies and pursue their goals and aspirations.


In April 2020, Sensual Sinsations closed again due to the global pandemic that affected people and businesses. During this closure, she and her family moved again due to military orders, relocating to Virginia. She took that time and used it as an opportunity to rebrand and level up her company branding, packaging, website, customer experience, and expand inventory. Sensual Sinsations officially relaunched on September 30th, 2021, and have been rapidly growing.


Aside from running and operating all aspects of her company, Paris is a mom of three children and wife to an active-duty submariner in the United States Navy. She loves to travel, try new foods, and spend time outdoors with her family and two dogs. She also dreams of opening a brick-and-mortar boutique that will include her very own lingerie line.

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