"Every woman deserves to feel beautiful to the point that she can freely embrace her sexuality."

Our Mission

Sensual Sinsations aims to help the modern woman embrace and accentuate her sexuality. Every woman has the ability to embrace her sexy, yet it is all too often set aside for life's constant requirements.  

Sensual Sinsations aims to highlight your fearless sensuality and is here to remind you to celebrate yourself by accentuating your natural beauty with lingerie for your every mood. So spread the love and BE FREE. BE YOU.



About Us


Sensual Sinsations is the lovechild of our founder and owner, Paris Munn and her time as an exotic dancer on the beautiful island of Guam. Originally, Paris managed the company as a home based and direct sales business by selling inventory while at work to fellow dancers. Shortly after the start of Sensual Sinsations, Paris married and began focusing her efforts on the growth and stability of her family and company. Throughout her journey in the strip club scene, marriage, and two back-to-back high risk pregnancies, Paris' mission has evolved from simply providing for her family to truly spreading the message of body positivity as well as pushing women to believe that they are capable of achieving their wildest dreams no matter where they are starting from.



Email: paris@sensualsinsations.com

1281 Sylvan Way

P.O. Box 2239

Bremerton, Wa


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